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"Verhovek spins a fine yarn that includes big money, war, sex and power." -- The Wall Street Journal - Books  

"At the heart of 'Jet Age' is a page-turning detective story ... with characters as finely drawn as those in a work of fiction, and infused with the infectious sense of wonder for flight." --         The New York Times Sunday Book Review 

"Of Boeing and the Wonders of Flight, Magnolia Author Tells a Compelling Tale" -- City Living, Seattle - Pacific Publishing 

"The race between the U.S. and Britain is brought to life ... This  book captures the zeitgeist of a decade in which all manner of advances, including globe-girdling flight, seemed possible." --  USA Today/ Associated Press

"Perhaps the chief reason for the book's success is Verhovek's contagious passion for airplanes." --                                        The Seattle Times - Sunday Books 

"Readers en route to Frankfurt or Dubai should enjoy this trip back to the time of 'Mad Men' aboard a miraculous invention too easily taken for granted." -- The New York Times 'Armchair Traveler' 

"Imagine the audacity of taking a prototype for a new kind of flying machine – a large passenger jet – and demonstrating it in front of airline executives by corkscrewing through the air in a barrel roll. Would Boeing ever do such a thing with its new 787? Never. But it did happen with the 707, patriarch of today’s Boeing buses." -- 'Middle Seat' Columnist, The Wall Street Journal 

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